What to Expect / Bring

What will you need to bring?

  1. Airguns - lots of 'em

  2. Ammunition - lots of it - for all of them

  3. CO2 or HPA as needed - again, lots of it, for lots of shooting. Or balm for that sore arm from all that springer shooting. (There is usually someone willing to share some HPA.)

  4. Good general outdoor clothing is recommended. Including light - medium - and heavy shirts, plus a warm jacket and a windbreaker of some sort. You will be prepared for anything from dawn to dawn. If you want to hike/hunt you can get by with regular work or outdoor shoes.

  5. Sunscreen - you are in the desert with no shade.

  6. Fluids. Lots of liquid (you are in the desert). Both in bulk while around camp, and suitable smaller container(s) to carry with you afield. If and when it is dank and/or windy a thermos for a hot beverage can be really nice.

If you have not been before, what can you expect, besides more fun than decent people need to have all at one time?

Weather - anything

  • Possibly sunny and warm but with cooling breezes.

  • Possibly cool to downright cold, particularly in the evening and at night.

  • Possibly extremely hot with no breeze or cloud cover.

  • It has been known to rain. However, if it rains - you will probably be around camp anyway – you don’t want to soak a nice airgun, plus the critters know enough stay in out of the rain.

  1. If you are camping on site - you will need the usual coolers, water containers (lots, you are in the desert), cooking equipment and supplies, camp chair(s) and sleeping gear. This location takes the concept of a 'dry' camp to a whole new level. There is usually at least one RV camper on site.

    • You will need a good ground pad. Rocks, prickly pear cactus, and clumps of cheat-grass are in abundance.

    • I suggest a tent - it can be very cold and very windy at night.

  2. A comfortable camp chair - just for sittin' around and bs'ing socializing.

  3. A collapsible table for shooting on the range at camp, and a chair or stool appropriate for such use. A shooting rest is handy.

  4. If you have one, an awning type shade provider - goes up with a frame like a tent but there is just the 'lid' - can be handy.

  5. IF you intend to participate in the Western Idaho Saber Toothed Ground Squirrel population control program, you will need an Idaho Non-Resident (if you are not an Idaho resident) Non Game Hunting License. They are about $35.50. We have encountered Idaho Game Wardens and BLM Rangers on all of the trips.

  6. Repeat, fluids - water or .......... for both in camp and in some transportable fashion such as bottle or canteen. This place is part of the Great American Desert.

  7. MOST IMPORTANT - an appetite whetted for FUN!

    • To quote an acquaintance, "If you're not having fun, you will be asked to leave!"