The shooting grounds are located in the uninhabited wilderness along the Southern Oregon / Idaho border. It is about a twenty-minute drive from suburban Ontario, Oregon. Or, about forty minutes from the Boise Airport. Four-wheel drive is not necessary. You will be on gravel and some 'two rut' dirt roads. But they are all passable to conventional passenger cars.

The actual final campsite location may change slightly - but it will be on the same road in the same general area.

This is a map with most recent camp locations (we have used the current camp for the five years or more as it has easier access for campers).


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PANSAL Camp (no google signin required)

Text Version of the directions:

From I84 --- Boise heading West or Ontario heading East

  • Exit at the Sand Hollow (Exit 17, ~30miles from Boise or ~17 miles from Oregon)

  • Cross over the freeway (South) and go straight until you must branch left/right

  • Turn right onto Oasis and stay on the oiled road until you hit Pearl Rd (at the end of paved road ~2mile)

  • Follow Pearl Rd for roughly two miles (past the new power lines on the right side but before the power lines that cross Pearl Road

  • The OLD Base camp is on the right side of the road and easily seen from Pearl Rd

    • via Lee's GPS = N43degrees--50min--26.5sec / W116degree--48min--45.6sec

  • The CURRENT Camp, continue down the road passing under the power line roughly .9 miles past the first site

    • via Lee's GPS = N42degrees--50min--19.3sec / W116degree--49min--45.0sec