PANSAL 2024 - April 26, 27, 28

The old google sites is outdated and I'm forced to update to the new software.  It tried to copy the old site but its having some issues with some of the formatting, and pictures were lost, and thing like.  I'll try and update it when I have some time.  For now it still works as a landing page the get the date. 

Welcome to the PANSAL Airgun Web Page! We are a group of airgun aficionados from the Pacific and Northwest area of the United States. We try to meet a few times a year to share our airgun enthusiasm through friendly target practice and camaraderie. Our main airgun gathering is “PANSAL Spring Break” which is a 3 day annual event that transpires in late April or early May in the desert BLM land of southwestern Idaho, (near Caldwell). Please check back at this website for a definitive date as April approaches.

All ages are welcome! We embrace all levels of ability from beginners who are just discovering the magic of airguns, to the old timers who appreciate just how versatile and special these guns truly are. Pansal Spring Break offers a unique opportunity for air gun fans to explore and practice their skills from point blank to 100+ yards in field conditions on targets of all kinds in a safe environment. This is the chance to test out recently modified or newly acquired airguns and also observe other Pansal member’s airguns that you may have only seen online or in magazines.